Chrome plating and polishing can be useful for instruments and parts in a variety of markets. Smith’s chrome plating and polishing operation is equipped to handle items from these markets, large or small.  We work with the following industries:

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Smith Chrome Plating offers plating services to restore antiques. We offer several different plating processes, such as Semi Bright Nickel, Satin Nickel, Bright Nickel, Copper Cyanide, and Chrome Plating in a variety of finishes. We also offer polishing services and clear coating for any plated item for an extra level of protection for your valued antiques.

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Automotive and Motorcycle
From classic or antique cars to today’s motorcycles and automobiles, chrome plating has long been a staple in the automotive and motorcycle market. Occasionally, chrome plated parts on automobiles and motorcycles may need to be restored due to age; extreme environments; or road hazards and accidents that cause damage. These parts can include bumpers, grills, door handles, trim pieces, rims, and more. Smith Chrome Plating has all the tools and expertise needed to restore your chrome plated car parts back to their previous glory.

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Fire Protection Equipment
Fire protection equipment is often chrome plated to protect it from the elements it faces in the course of fighting fires. Smith Chrome Plating and Polishing is able to help with plating or polishing fire protection equipment and can add a clear coating that will pass most salt spray tests.

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Food Processing Equipment
Food processing equipment can face a variety of conditions based on the application. Plating is one way to protect machine components from corrosion in the food processing industry. Smith Plating has a variety of plating and polishing services that can be applied to food processing equipment.

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Medical Equipment
Maintaining a flawless finish on medical instruments is crucial to maintaining a sanitary environment and appearance. These include dental instruments and surgical instruments used in doctor’s offices and hospitals. Chrome plating prevents oxidation of the surgical tool, and polishing can remove surface imperfections, enabling the instruments to be cleaned and sterilized effectively. Smith Plating and Polishing can chrome plate or polish to a variety of finishes. We are happy to work with you and meet your needs for high-quality plating and polishing of medical and surgical equipment.

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Retail Display Equipment
Racks, hooks and other retail accessories are often chrome plated. Chrome plating protects retail display items from corrosion and other damage. Chrome also adds a decorative touch to retail display equipment. Smith Chrome Plating and Polishing provides a variety of chrome plating processes suitable for retail display equipment.